Pearson's golf par-tee

Friday morning we headed to Pearson's 3rd birthday party.
 Pearson had the cutest golf themed party.
 It was all outside. The kids played with his outside toys, and Katy bought each family a plastic golf set to play with and take home as their favor.
Carson, for whatever reason, liked organizing them in the wagon and pulling them around. 
He also liked hanging out in the hammock. My handsome almost 6 year old!
Olivia did some serious lawn mowing. I'm sure Matt was wishing she was really mowing the grass for him.
Katy cut some uncrustable sandwiches in half with fruit & cheese balls for the kids to eat.
Since it was messy I made my kids strip to eat. They weren't appropriately dressed for an outdoor party.
They also strip when there's bright green icing involved. 
Olivia got to love on her baby some before he went down for a nap.
Thanks for inviting us Pearson. We had a good time celebrating with you. We love you so much!

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