Carson's 1st field trip

Friday Carson had his first field trip to the Owen's farm pumpkin patch.

Carson & his walking partner, Logan.
When we first got there we got on the hay ride. It takes you around the farm looking for the missing farmer.
Next we went to look at the chickens, and horses.
 The best part was probably feeding the goats.

After we fed the goats we did a little picture taking until it was time for lunch.
 We had to pack sack lunches for the kids to eat. They have a bunch of tables you can sit at to picnic. I packed my lunch, too. I brought a yummy chicken salad croissant.
After we ate we walked down to the maze, and each kid got to pick out a pumpkin to take home.

Carson was so excited to ride on the bus. All year he has been asking to ride on one.
I'm so glad I got to join Carson, and his class for this field trip. Thanks Lolly for keeping Olivia for me!


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