Keegan is 5

Today we went to my nephew, Keegan, 5th birthday party.
The party was at Amazing Jakes in Plano.
 The kids loved playing the race car games. Hopefully one day Carson will drive a car better than the way he was playing.
I had fun watching Carson do the bumper cars. He is too handsome.
 He probably rode these 3 or 4 times.
While my dad watched Olivia, Carson and I rode the go karts. We got first place, and lapped some people. We totally owned it.
Olivia was too small to do a lot of the games, and rides. She still had fun just roaming around.
My dad, and brothers, Dustin, and Kain.
 My dad with 2 of his 4 g-kids.
 We finally got the kids to come downstairs to eat some pizza, and open gifts.
 This is how my kids feel about taking pictures with their mom.
Keegan we hope you had a great birthday party. We had fun celebrating with you.

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