My exciting day of shopping

Saturday my mom and I went shopping all day long, I am trying to get my Christmas shopping over with. I have been doing it since July. We went to TJ Maxx in Allen yesterday, I have been there before, but only for certain things and never took the time to walk through it. I fell in love, I was looking for just plain long sleeve t shirts with a pocket on the outside for my step dad. They had a ton of them in almost every color for $9.99 I was so excited. I decided to look through clothes for Ryan, I found a pair of Seven jeans for $30 originally $70- $80 jeans. They had all kinds of polo shirts, which Ryan loves. I was probably in this store for at least an hour and a half. It was pretty busy so I got what I needed and left, I can't wait to go back. Later that night I was on my way to my brother, Parker, soccer game, I passed this store Belks. I have once again been there one or two times with my mom but never walked around. It's not really the cheapest store but they have really good sales. I found a ton of cute, stylish, jeans for $20! I was so excited. I know I am a dork who gets excited over clothes. I am just a big shopper and love finding new stores.

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  1. WOW! No mention of how your totally awesome sister in law was shopping with you all day Saturday??? OUCH!