The Heard Museum

Monday I was kind of bored and wanted to take Carson to do something fun. I decided to go to The Heard Museum in McKinney. Carson decided to take a nap on the way there, I didn't worry about it too much because I knew he'd wake up when we got there. Well I couldn't be more wrong this time, I could not wake him up for anything, he was just worn out I guess. These dinosaurs were cool they growled or roared whatever sound they make and it was loud and he still didn't wake up. The museum had more than just dinosaurs, but all the other animals were hibernating except the bee hives they had and reptiles but I didn't go in there because i'm ridiculously scared of snakes and was not about to look at one. Towards the end of the trail Carson decided to wake up, I could have gone back through the trail so he could see them but I was way too worn out to walk it again with the stroller.
Here are some pictures of Carson asleep next to the dinosaurs...
This is the only picture he is awake for, but it's hard to tell
He looks like this dinosaur


  1. Where in McKinney is this and how much does it cost? Eric loved dinosaurs as a kid. We went to the museum at fair park for their exhibit once and it was horrible.

  2. It to me is more in Fairview. It is actually on 1378 right before you hit Hwy 5. It was only $8 to get in. They have more than just dinosaurs too!