Happy Thanksgiving

I want to start off saying how thankful I am for my family. I really couldn't ask for a better husband and healthy, energetic, loving son. I really don't know what I would do without them. I don't get a lot of time away from Carson, but when I do I am always wishing he was with me. I really am bored when he goes off to stay at his Lolly and Pops or his Meme's house. I have a thousand things to do, but it is just not the same when he isn't with me. I can't get enough of him, he's perfect! I had such a great Thanksgiving this year. The three of us slept until 11:30, I fed a Carson a small little breakfast, and then we got ready to go to Nonnies for some lunch. Carson was in such a good mood today, he is always happy today was just different. I just watched him play and laugh and enjoy life. It is so fun watching him grow, and learn new things. Today he started shaking his head and saying "no." I never thought i'd be so happy to hear him say no, but it was just funny how he shakes his head when he does it. I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving as well. I posted a few pictures I took today.
My brother Parker & I
Carson was so ready to go home, he grabbed his bag and walked straight to the door
Carson before I parked in the garage
The creative hand turkey's
Ryan, Carson & I

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