The State Fair Of Texas

As i've gotten older the less I really care about going to the fair. When I was younger I used to love to go to ride all the rides and eat cotton candy. Now I am just more interested in having a corn dog and walking around maybe try something new. Ryan doesn't really like to go we've only gone one time together of course he thinks it's a waste of money, which I don't argue on that because it is. Last year I took Carson and went with my mom and Parker. The only reason I really went last year is because I had a free ticket to get in, so I figured why not? I am more interested in taking Carson this year because of the animals. He can go to the dog show, and the pig races, and walk around the tent with all the different animals you can feed. I figure I should take him while he's young and isn't tall enough to go on the rides so it doesn't cost a fortune.

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