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For Carson's birthday I wanted to take him to do something fun, I know I am giving him a fun birthday party. I just felt bad cleaning and preparing for the party all day on his birthday. What place better than Chuck E Cheese on your birthday? My mom, brother, Grandma, Jess, & cousin Connor met Ryan, Bryce, Carson, & I there for lunch. It wasn't supposed to be anything big, but my cousin isn't able to come to the party and he wanted to see Carson to give him his present so him & my grandma met us. Jess & Bryce wanted to tag along because deep down inside they are Chuck E Cheese fanatics. I honestly do like the pizza. I thought Carson would be interested in so many different things but of course being a St. John he only wanted to ride in the Chuck E car & not move from the steering wheel. We also went to a late dinner at Sicilianos A Taste Of Italy. I think Carson had a pretty good first birthday, and he has another full day of celebrating it tomorrow. Here are some pictures from today there will be a lot more later after tomorrow i'm sure.
After dinner
Mommy & Carson
Playing at Chuck E Cheese
Bryce & Ryan playing a firefighter game just like two little kids, it was very cute, i'm glad Ryan was able to be off work a couple days this week
Carson opening his book
Mommy & Carson riding in the big truck, it was actually kind of scary. It went side to side up and down, leaned down far on one side. I know I am only 114 pounds but I felt way too heavy for that ride.
Carson wanting the steering wheel
This would be Jess riding her favorite ride at Chuck E Cheese
The famous Chuck E Car, he rode it 18 times. It gives you a picture everytime you ride it, so I counted all of the pictures to know how many times to be exact.

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