A fresh look

This week we did a little bit of housework to get ready for Carson's birthday party on Saturday. Ryan cleaned out the garages, power washed the outside of the house with pops help & as you can see I got some beautiful landscaping done as well, also thanks to pops. We all know this would not have gotten done if it wasn't for him because Ryan doesn't care how the house looks as long as his yard is mowed. I on the other hand like to have everything nice and neat. I also got some new patio furniture. It's not really new, but new to me. My sister & her boyfriend are moving from their house into an apartment so they needed to get rid of some stuff that won't fit & it just happened to benefit me. The cushions are a little bit faded so I flipped them, but I didn't really mind it was free and after all it is Pottery Barn!

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