Fridge Phonics

As you may or may not know Carson's 1st birthday is on Friday. I wanted to get him some fridge magnets because he loves going to the fridge and getting things out of it. I was telling my friend about it, & she told me she had one of these Leap Frog Fridge Phonics toy. It's small and has every letter of the alphabet and when you touch the letter in the box it says the letter, then makes the sound, and then sings the alphabet. It was very cute, her son learned the alphabet by playing with this toy before he went to preschool. I just had to get it for Carson, he loves to learn!!! Of course I couldn't just get him one toy, I got him a puzzle & some bath toys as well. I've noticed Wal Mart always has better prices for toys than Target does so I got more for my money.

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