RIP Razor

This is a SUPER old picture, but it's only the picture I could find of my dog and I. On Tuesday my step dad, Ron, had to put our family dog, Razor, to sleep. I want to say he just turned 6, a few years ago he was diagnosed with hip dysplasia, which is very common in Boxer dogs. Once that was diagnosed his back started to get bad, and then he just started gaining weight because it was hard for him to be very active. For some reason the summer time was easier on him than winter. He just started getting worse and worse, it was just too hard seeing him in such pain. We did what was best for him. I love animals, but I am not one to get real attached. It was different with Razor, he was such a good dog. I remember when I was pregnant he liked being near me, and just lay around and be my guard dog. It was really sweet, when Carson came along he became his guard dog, and would sniff his face with his big snout and it would tickle. Really cute. We sure do miss him!

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