Husband saves the day (night)

The first night I decide to get out in my car after this gross weather I get a flat tire on my way home. I've never had a flat tire or a wreck so it was kind of scary. My car started just pulling to the right and being real jerky I was coming up on a gas station in perfect timing. Luckily Carson was at home with Ryan. It could have been worse, I was worried I was riding the rim that could have been a expensive disaster and with these dr bills for the baby it's the last thing we need. Ryan came to my rescue with his trailer, loaded it up, brought it home, and aired it back up. The air compressor at the gas station wasn't any good it wouldn't air it even a little. I was worried I was going to be stuck at home AGAIN.. I would not be a happy person if that were the case. I am a on the go gal for sure!

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