Meet my baby girl

This is my little Olivia Reese. She's beautiful and perfect. This picture is a bit old now, but one of my favorites. She still likes to eat, sleep, and poop. She does stay awake some but I'm pretty certain she's a little lazy. She loves for me to hold her. I'm thinking Olivia is a mommys girl. I love that she is because we all know Carson is all boy and all about daddy. Olivia has been a great baby. The only real difference between her and Carson at this age is Carson was a better sleeper. She's been sleeping through the night since she was 3 weeks, but I was able to feed him and just put him to bed and he'd fall asleep without a sound. Olivia on the other hand is not as easy. I feed her, put her to bed then after about 10 minutes she wants her paci and I have to hold her hand for a few minutes then she's finally out. Carson was also sleeping in his crib at 6 weeks. Olivia wants nothing to do with her crib. I'll lay her in while I'm cleaning her room and she's fine. If I put her in it while she's already sleeping she'll only stay there for about 30 minutes max. I don't mind it that much because she's my last little baby, but I am ready to have my room back to just me and Ryan again. Soon enough she'll get over it or she'll have to start crying it out. For the mean time it's no big deal!
P.S. Carson has been such a great big brother! He loves to help me. I think 3 years is such a perfect age difference!

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