We survived the first week of school. I had to be one of those moms that took a picture everyday before we left. I'm kind of thinking about doing it everyday then making a book. 
1st day
2nd day. I love new school clothes. He looks so handsome.
3rd day. He wanted me to walk him in this week. 
4th day. Every Thursday is wear a college shirt day. He only had this longhorns one. We need to go shopping for more.
And, we made it to Friday. Yay! Fridays are spirit shirt days. Each grade wears a different color. I'm glad he was orange because these shorts went perfectly with it. Now, we're going to be lazy, sleep in, and enjoy some lake time. Excited for the long weekend. Getting up at 6 is killer for me. I'm a night owl, not a early riser.

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