1st lunch visit

Wednesday we had lunch with Carson at school. He loves buying his lunch and eating in the cafeteria. 
This is his class walking into the cafeteria.  At first when I told him I was coming to eat with him he asked me why. I guess he was already embarrassed of me. Ha. Once he saw me and Olivia he was excited.
Olivia loved sitting next to all the big kids. 
He got cheese pizza and I got what they call a Stromboli. I didn't really like it, so I gave it to Carson. He ended up eating the whole thing and only half of his cheese pizza.

I'm not going to be that mom that eats with him all the time, but every once in awhile is fun. My mom was a working mom, so it's extra special to me that I get to stay home and be more involved with his school. Next time I might go on a Tuesday when Olivia's at mdo. She kept going on the stage to sing and dance.

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