Christmas Eve

Every Christmas Eve we go to Ryan's parents house. We open gifts, then have dinner, then do more gifts with Ryan's dads side of the family. This year Carson, and Pam put on this cute little performance for us. I will have to post a video of it later.
 Carson with his gifts.
 I love seeing the excitement on their faces.

 Olivia was in desperate need of a new baby doll stroller. We saw this one at Sams. It's perfect, because it's a double stroller. Double the fun.
 Lolly mad Olivia a super cute Rapunzel backpack.

My kids were so tired of taking pictures by the third day of celebrating Christmas. I didn't get a good family picture, or one with Lolly & pops. Thank you Lolly, and pops for all of our gifts. Our kids are so lucky to have grandparents as wonderful as y'all.

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