Santa! I know him!

`We went and saw Santa few weeks ago. Olivia has never been one to enjoy sitting on Santa's lap.
She didn't cry, but she fussed, and didn't want to sit on his lap. Carson never made a stink about sitting on Santa's lap. He has always sat there and told him what he wanted. This year he asked for a big tractor he could drive on the road.

I grew up going to see this same Santa, so naturally my kids have to go to him, too. In my opinion he is the best. He doesn't start photos until 11,but does a story time before. We have only gone to his story time once. I personally didn't care for it, and Carson didn't stay focused.
The North Park Santa has an interesting procedure. You have to get a ticket, and they give you an approximate time for when you need to come back to get in line. This year was a little off. I got there about 915 like I normally do to pick up my ticket then I come back about lunch time for our picture. When I came back people that had just gotten a ticket were already being put in line behind me. I'm not sure what the point of going to get a ticket early was if they were just sticking people right in line. It does go smoothly once you get in line. It's only about a 15 minute wait.
After we get their picture taken the kids like to go play in the Disney store. Olivia was amazed by the princess castle in the store. She had so much fun playing.
  I'm missing year 2008, 2010. I hope they are on one of my other computers.

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