Snow Tubing

Every year Ryan goes on an annual trip to Oklahoma with his friends. Last year I decided when Ryan goes on his trip Carson and I would go to the Gaylord and see ICE! and go snow tubing. When Olivia is old enough I will start taking her with us. This year ICE was the Nutcracker, I wasn't sure how much Carson would be interested in seeing that, so we skipped it. It's too expensive for him to not be interested.  
Coming off the snow hill.
Carson always has so much fun when we go. I just buy the 10 run pass. It's $18.95 by the time he gets to his 10th he's ready to go.
It's so hard to get good pictures of them coming down. You can only stand in one small crowded area.
 Lauren lives about 10 minutes from the Gaylord, so her, Nicolle, and Grayson met us out there for a bit.
We had  fun day. Can't wait to see what they have next year.

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