Friday Favorites- Last day of school edition

Since today is the last day of school and Carson is one of my favorite people I am making my Friday Favorites post all about him. So lets get started.
Here is Carson on his last morning of first grade.
Every first and last day of school we take the same dreaded pictures. I have to admit today he didn't complain one bit about it. Maybe it's because I bought him his own chalkboard.
This morning he was up before I came in his room, and was already half dressed. He was so excited for his last day of school he had forgotten to take off his pajamas before putting on his shorts. Ha!
Carson had a great school year. He is an excellent reader, and has come so far in Math. His writing has also improved tremendously.
Ready for 2nd grade!

 There he goes walking into school the last time as a first grader.
It's not a post without some comparison pictures.
Here he is on his last day of PreK, Kindergarten, and First grade.
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Have a fabulous Friday.

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