Texas Roadhouse

So you know these claw games that eat all of your money? Didn't get to eat mine today. I was lucky. I put in the 50 cents and carefully chose where I wanted to drop my claw and won on the first try. We were waiting for a table at Texas Roadhouse so I thought I would win Carson a little cheap vday present. I honestly never thought I would win. All the people in the waiting area were saying I can't believe you just won. It was crazy. I must say I was very proud, I don't think I have ever won anything in my life. Go me. By the way I won a Felix the cat stuffed animal, and Carson didn't care. PS if you ever go to Roadhouse do call ahead seating. Even if it is only 3:30 in the afternoon

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  1. Mmm I haven't eaten there in a long time. I LOVE their rolls. Hope you had a Happy Valentine's Day!!