Mothers Day Out 2010

Yesterday was also a big day for Carson. He went to Mothers Day Out for the first time at FBC Wylie. It was rough dropping him off, but I know he had a good time. It's good for him to be with other kids and play and learn. I also enjoy having a couple hours to myself. I can grocery shop a lot easier, I can clean house faster, because I won't be stopping to pick up stuff he just dumped out. I can go to lunch with friends and just enjoy my peace and quiet. It is a real privilege and I am glad I get to do it!! They had a bounce house for the kids to play in, he isn't too crazy about bounce houses yet. His teacher said he just played with some balls. They also made little frogs out of paper sacks, I say he made it, but as an ex daycare teacher I know he had some help. He ate a good lunch and took a long nap. I am happy he napped I wasn't sure how that was going to go.
I asked him if he was ready for his first day of school, and he started clapping! He was very excited until we got there to drop him off!

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