state fair of TX

The state fair of TX opened today. I am so excited. I go every year, I have a feeling this year will be more expensive. Carson is big enough to ride kiddie rides now, and once he sees them he will start going crazy to ride them. He gets excited to ride those ride on horses at wal mart.. I'm a mean mom and don't let him get on them though. If I were to give into those going grocery shopping would turn into a nightmare. Anyway, back on topic. I love the state fair mostly for the food, who doesn't? I am boring and rarely ever try any of the new things they have to offer. I stick with the fletchers corny dogs. I don't know what it is about those corny dogs. I also love all the tents with the crafts, it's like a mini Canton. Is there anyone else who loves the state fair just as much as me? What do you love about the fair?

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