The start to a great weekend

Thursday we headed out to a tiny town in Arkansas. 
We had a little bit of a rough start. First our cousins Charlie, and Lauren had a blow out on their boat trailer before they even made it to Plano. About 40 minutes after we left we got a blow out. 
My husband who has every tool there is to have didn't bring any with him. Really?? There just happened to be a lowes across the highway. So, he unhooked the boat and the kids and I stayed there while he went to lowes.
Carson throwing rocks while we waited on daddy. 
In about 10 minutes we were fixed and back on our way. By this time Charlie, and Lauren had caught up to us. Good thing because about a half mile down the road it happened again. 
We couldn't believe it! Once we got this fixed we were good to go and made it into one of my top five favorite states!

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