The cabin

We've been to these cabins a couple other times with Ryan's family. We all love coming here. 
                 Our cabin was c4
The cabin has a stocked kitchen so we just bring our food and cook there. Most of it I did cook at home and froze it. Just to make it a little easier. 
I have a big sweet tooth and was on vacation so calories definitely were not be counted.
Here's a look at what our room we stayed in looked like. 
We had a king size bed, but I was still not going to share it with my kids. I worried about how Olivia would sleep. She's never been awesome at sleeping in her pack n play. This time I think she was just so worn out she slept great. Even great naps! 
Our view from the back porch. You could walk down to the lake, but we never did. We enjoyed our trip so much we're already planning our next one for next month.

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