State fair of Texas 2013

Thursday Olivia and I hitched a ride on the church van to the fair. We went with Ryan's mom and grandma. Fun fact: A couple years ago I went with them when Carson was Olivia's age.
My sil was kind enough to give me her movie stub so I could get into the fair for free. Everyday but Saturday and Sunday I believe has a deal where you can get in discounted. Thursday just so happens to be bring a movie stub (I think it has to be a cinemark stub) and get in free or senior citizens get in free. I usually go a couple times, so the cheapest I get in the better. 
Our first stop was the petting zoo. Olivia is a little unsure about petting zoos. She wanted so badly to feed them and touch them, but when she got close she would runaway or hide behind us. When she finally did feed them she did a giggle scream because the goats tongue tickled her hand.
After the animals we went for a Fletcher's corny dog. The corny dog is pretty much the only reason I go to the fair. I got Olivia her own corny dog. They're too good to share. 
Afterwards we walked around through a couple buildings then took our pictures with big tex. Big tex burned last year so they rebuilt him bigger and uglier. It's tradition to take a picture with him either way. 
After we saw big tex we stopped for a nutty ice cream bar, and to see the pig races. 
Unfortunately, we only got to see part of the race. We had to be back to the gate at 3:30 to leave. 
We were getting pretty hot, so it was a good time to leave.
We enjoyed our day at the fair with you Nonnie, and lolly. Thanks for letting us tag along. 

Stay tuned for another fair post I'm taking Carson next week.

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