State fair round 2

Friday I did round 2 at the state fair. Now that Carson is in school we have to go on the weekends. He gets a fair day, but it's the busiest day besides tx/ou weekend.
We started off at the cutest little pretend farm. This is the first year I felt Carson was old enough to enjoy it.
As you walk through it there are little signs to tell you what to do. 
I thought it was so fun and made for fun pictures.
At the end they give you a pretend $1 and let you pick out a snack with it. Then you use your pretend $ to pay for it. I think he enjoyed it.
Next stop was the petting zoo. He really could have cared less about it. 
Parker and Carson feeding some goats. It was so busy the animals weren't really eating any feed.
Feeding the animals made us hungry. We stopped for Fletcher's corny dogs. I really only go to the fair just for a corny dog. 
When this boy smiles and looks at the camera he is seriously so handsome.
Our big tex photo. It was so busy we had to wait to get a spot to take a picture in front of big tex. The new big tex is so tall it's hard to get his full body and a good up close picture.
I only go to the midway when I take c. I only let him ride about 4 rides. The ride part is what makes the fair expensive. I'm all about going to the fair cheap, so I put a limit on the riding rides. I know, I'm no fun. 
Carson & cousin Connor going on the bumper cars. 

I rode one of the rides with Carson, and p. It made me so dizzy. No thanks!
While the big kids rode a few big rides we tried Texas fireballs. The fair is all about trying new, weird fried things. I like spicy stuff, so this sounded good. I'm not sure what all was in them except for pimento cheese and jalapeƱos. I don't think I like pimento cheese, because these were gross! 
On our way out my mom had to stop at this game. every year she plays the game where you have to try and get the chicken in a moving bucket. She won, and they gave her a chicken hat. I think she was hoping to win a duck dynasty doll.
We finally got home a little after midnight. I think it's safe to say this guy had a good time. He was too tired to even put his pjs on. I enjoyed a little fun date with my sweet boy. Maybe next year we can drag Ryan with us. 

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