No Speech Therapy

Last Wednesday Olivia had her evaluation with E.C.I. (Early Childhood Intervention) At the time I had made the appointment Olivia didn't say much, or repeat a whole lot. She could tell us what she wanted and often nodded yes or no for things. By the time the appointment came around she was talking non stop, singing songs, and repeating things. That's how it goes. I didn't want to cancel her evalutation even though she had done a total 180. Olivia still has a lisp when she talks, mostly when she pronounces anything with a "s" or a "c" Although, it is very cute it will only be cute for so long. The evalutation took about an hour. They just played with blocks, colored, threw and kicked balls, and looked at some pictures. (I didn't take any pictures because I was in the same room and was afraid of distracting her.) She really impressed me with all the things she could do. They scored everything on their lap tops as they had her do something. Her scores all came back to be at her age level or above. She was mostly between 30 & 37 months. Right on track. In the end Olivia didn't qualify for speech therapy. The speech therapist sent me home with some techniques I could try to help with her lisp. Of course Pinterest had some great activity ideas, and apps for my iphone. Alot of it will come with age, too. As she gets older she will hopefully grow out of it. I somewhat felt bad, because the people there probably thought I was just a crazy mom. I told them that I swore a month ago my daughter was on a 1 yr. old level when it came to speaking. It was a great experience, and I'm glad I still took her.

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