Hummer limo ride, and cicis

Carson had his first fundraiser for school not to long ago. If you raised more than $250 you got to ride in a Hummer limo to CiCi's for lunch.
                   This is the group on Kindergartners that got to go.
 Each kid got to pick one friend from class to go with them. He chose his friend, Logan.
 I was doing a garage sale with Ryan's, grandma, mom, and sister on Friday, so I wasn't able to go with him. I did run up to the school to snap a few pictures. These kids were so excited to ride in the limo. They had the music turned up so loud. I'm sure the chaperones appreciated that.
This kid is so hard to get to look at the camera.

  Thanks to everyone who contributed to Carson's fundraiser. Without y'all he could not have had this opportunity. He had a great time!

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