Carson's class Christmas party

The Friday before Christmas Carson had his class party
The kids got to wear their pajamas to school, bring a teddy bear, (which I forgot about until yesterday) Mom of the year here, and bring a wrapped book for their book exchange.

The kids had fun doing their exchange. The room mom read a story, when she said left in the story they had to pass their book to the left, and when she right they had to pass their book to the right. It was cute to watch. By the end of the story they were catching on to their right and left. 
. A few kids had a melt down when they opened the book, and it wasn't one they really wanted. Some kids were kind enough to trade with their friends. So sweet to see kids care about their classmates.
After the book exchange they played musical chairs.
 Carson did pretty well. I think he was the fifth to last.
 Carson, and his best friend, Logan.
 After musical chairs it was finally time to eat lunch. The kids got to have a little picnic in their room.
 Carson with Mrs. Scherer's gifts.
I got her a Vera Bradley lanyard, made peanut butter treats, and printed off this subway art for her classroom.
Mrs. Scherer we are so glad to have you as a teacher. We thank you so much for having the patience to teach and love our little Carson.

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