Christmas #1

***Warning picture overload***
Our first Christmas was with my dads side of the family.
Olivia wanted to be anywhere baby Cam was.
 Carson loves to scratch play pool at my dads.
 He also adores his Uncle Dustin
 Kain & Brooke loving on Camden.
 My nephew, Brayden.
 Step mom- Laurie, and Step sister- Alli
 Alli, & her boyfriend, Mike
 My dad and step mom made some sour cream chicken enchiladas, rice, and beans. I brought some Pico, hot sauce, and guacamole. It was all so yummy.
 After we ate we opened up our gifts.

 My dad, and Camden
Andy, Autumn, and Camden.
 Camden, with Grandma, and Grandpa Troxell
 Olivia loved her princess accessories, and My Little Ponies.
 Isn't he adorbs?
 Camden was giving his mommy some kisses.
 How is he so big already?
 Two handsome little boys, Carson, and Keegan. They are just 3 months apart.
 Dad with his grandsons.
The only way to get these kids to sit still was to let them have a candy cane.
 Sweet cousins
 Keegan doesn't usually like giving  me hugs or kisses, but this year he was afraid of being put on the naughty list. He would give anyone hugs, and kisses to make sure he stayed on the nice list.
 Carson, and Uncle Kain.
Thanks dad, & Laurie for having all of us over.

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