Online Christmas shopping

Since we've been iced in I did a little online shopping. I've been having the hardest time figuring out what to get Olivia this year. I'm happy to say I solved the problem.
We got her this adorable baby doll wooden high chair. It had great reviews, and it's the same brand as her kitchen. I can't wait to get it!
We also got her this table & chairs set. We had a set I was going to revamp, but once I got it out of the attic I noticed it was just trash. I really wanted this for both kids to eat at, color, do hw etc. Olivia will have to share it with her big bro. One of the many great reviews said her tall 8 year old can still sit comfortably. I was glad to hear that considering Carson is a tall 5 1/2 year old.
Olivia is going to love playing with her new tea set at her new table with her baby doll in her new wooden high chair. Eek! I'm excited!!
I originally wanted a tricycle that had a baby doll carrier in the front for her big Santa gift. After several toys r us trips looking for it I couldn't get it. The Allen manager worked so hard trying to find me one. When he couldn't he offered me to go look back in the wheels section to find something she would like, and he would give me the online discount price. Olivia kept playing with this big wheel, it plays music, and has a cell phone. She was so cute dancing and talking in her barbie big wheel. So, I took it up to the front and the manager did even better than what he originally said. He gave it to me for $30 which made it a great deal, because I had a $14 store credit. If you go to the Allen toys r us give manager Rudy a shout out! Olivia is now finished except for a few more stocking stuffers.
Carson has been begging me for an umbrella. I got him this one to match his lightning McQueen rain boots.
He wanted a Mickey iPod case. It was so hard to find one that will actually protect his iPod. All the other Mickey ones were the hard plastic that break when it drops.
I also got him a pair of red headphones from the 5 below store, and some phonics writing, and word search books for his stocking. Since he got a dirt bike he's not going to have much to open this year. I love the convienence of online shopping, how did we ever live without it? What is Santa bringing your kids?

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