Icemageddon 2013

We had a big ice storm hit last night. I'm not going to lie I was excited to be getting a day off from our school routine. I have been so exhausted all week and living off of caffeine. I had been working so hard on my table and chairs, then hosting Thanksgiving I really never got a "Thanksgiving break."
Olivia and I slept in then we made some orange rolls for breakfast.
We spent most of the morning playing, and watching some Christmas shows.
After lunch I took the kids outside to play in the ice.
They had such a good time. While we were outside playing Ryan came home from work and started cutting down a tree that was near our power line. He was afraid it would get too heavy and we would lose power.
Carson picked some icicle's

Aren't they cute?
After dinner we had movie night. We watched Planes, and The Croods. We hope all of you are staying warm during this nasty, cold weather.

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