tooth fairy visits the St. John's

Carson lost his first tooth last night. He kept telling me he had a loose tooth, but I didn't believe it until I wiggled it myself.
It was a pretty big deal last night. I remember when I would lose my teeth I would have to call my whole family. I've had a tooth obsession since I was 4.

He went out to the car to get his ipod and came back in saying his tooth fell out. It was barely hanging on when he told me it was loose. I told him if he ate an apple it would probably come out. I was surprised when it didn't. I gave up a good honeycrisp apple to a tooth that didn't come out.
 Putting his tooth pillow under his pillow for the tooth fairy.
Sweetie Pie was trying to steal his tooth money.

Last night I posted on my fb page that my husband was a cheap tooth fairy. He only wanted to give Carson $1 for his first tooth. I talked to my friends and they all left their kids $5 for their first tooth. That's more along what I was thinking. What can you really buy with a dollar these days anyway? He has another loose tooth, but he won't be getting $5 for the next one. I told him the tooth fairy gives more for the first tooth.
I found this template/printable on pinterest to give him as a record of his teeth. It was so hard finding a cute boy template. Everything was so girly. I was disappointed when my lap top wouldn't turn on, and my printer wouldn't allow me to print from my big computer. So, he still doesn't have his certificate. I'm also a bad tooth fairy,  I totally forgot to take the tooth out of his pillow. I thought he'd be so excited about getting the money he wouldn't notice the tooth was still in there. I was wrong. I had to tell him the tooth fairy was so busy last night, because there was a big ice storm coming. She will have to get it next time. Luckily he didn't ask anymore questions. I will do better next time, and not do it at 1 A.M.

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