Sweetie Pie our Elfette

Last year I bought The Elf on the Shelf thinking Carson would be more into it. He was really still too young to care or grasp it. His teacher bought one for her classroom, so he is really into it. I forgot to get it out last night, but he wasn't going to let me forget tonight.

When I bought the Elf I didn't realize there was a girl and a boy elf. I just grabbed one and it happened to be a elfette. Last year he said he wanted to name it Jackie Boadeux. He names everything that. I never wrote it down in the book because I thought he could think of something better. He decided to call her Sweetie Pie.
Here is what Sweetie Pie got into tonight. I realize we're technically missing two more "reindeer" and a Rudolph, but it wouldn't stand up as well as just six.
I can't wait to see what Carson thinks when he gets up in the morning. This elf thing is cute, but sure is a lot of work.

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