Thanksgiving & 4 generations

This year I hosted thanksgiving. What a chore! My grand-dad was in town, so I wanted to spend it with my family. My mom lives in an apartment with little space to host, and my aunts house isn't all that kid friendly, so I offered. I went for the casual hosting style. You know the paper plates, and tin foil trays kind of serving. Ha! I had enough dishes to do, and I wasn't about to go out and buy plates, chargers, and all that fancy coordinating serveware for one day. It's not about the decor anyway. I enjoyed having all of my family over. I just wish I would have stopped to take more pictures. My little brother likes playing on my camera and he ended up getting a few cute ones. 
My little nephew, Cam. He is such a handsome little guy.
Olivia and my cousin, Connor. My kids adore Connor. He's such a sweet kid.
My super hero. I loved having him home this week.
She never leaves Cam's side. She loves babies.
This was the first time Olivia got to meet grand-dad. My grand-dad used to live with my parents until about 4 years ago then he moved back to Florida.
We had to get a 4 generations picture while my g-dad was in town. We tried taking it outside, but my flash wasn't coming on, so we had to go with this cheesy 90's pose. :/ Carson looks thrilled doesn't he? Ha!

I am so sad I didn't get a picture of the four of us. We take one every year. At least I got a picture with my true love.

I'm so thankful everyday for life's blessings. Hope you all had a great turkey day.

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