It's a BOY!

Meet my sweet nephew, Nash
Isn't he cute? We were expecting his arrival on February 17th, but he had other plans. He was ready to meet the world a little early.
Olivia, and I went to meet Nash yesterday afternoon. She absolutely adores babies. I can't wait until she actually holds him, I'm sure she will love helping Aunt Katy change his diaper.
Sadly, Carson was sick so he wasn't able to go with us. Hopefully he can come by and see Nash this week. He keeps asking me to show him pictures of baby Nash.
Ryan went up there after I did. I told him not get any baby fever, this momma is done reproducing... I hope. I think the bearded man looks pretty good holding a teeny tiny little baby.
After we met Nash we went to lunch with my in laws. Their keeping Pearson while Katy is in the hospital. Pearson, and Olivia had a good time putting the stickers on the road. They have gotten to spend so much time together lately. I love they are so close in age.
We kept Pearson on Friday for a little bit. They had such a blast together.
They were such big kids sitting at their own table, having toddler talk at lunch.


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