Snow... what's that?

Thursday we got hit with a snow storm. I say snow storm loosely. Our snow storms are nothing compared to what up North gets, but since we are not used to snow it's a big deal.
When we first went outside Olivia was pretty excited about all this white fluffy stuff she had never really seen before.
Once she touched the snow this is how she felt about it. Ha!
We came back inside and got her all warmed up. For the first time in forever she fell asleep in my lap. My house was so quiet, and my baby girl was asleep in my lap. I could have sat there forever.
How cute are these baby footprints in the snow?
After school I let Carson go play what was left of the snow before it all melted. It turns to slush pretty quickly then it's just a mess.
Carson, and Olivia were throwing snow balls. She liked the snow a lot better once big brother was home.
I have to admit I am glad the snow only lasts about a day. I like warm, sunny weather. This cold, gloomy weather just makes me want to be lazy in  my snuggie all day.



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