My valentines

We are definitely not big celebrators of Valentines Day. We actually only celebrate it for the kids.
Friday we were so exhausted we spent the entire evening on the couch. Finally about 9 o'clock I said okay lets open presents.
I usually just give the kids a pair of pjs for Vday, and some chocolate. This year I found a good deal on a few things, so they were kind of spoiled.
Olivia took everything out of the bag and just threw it on the ground. She only cared about the chocolate.
We signed Carson up for another season of baseball, so part of his gift was some new cleats. I found a pair at academy for $9.98. I was so excited, because I was expecting to spend about $20. I found him a little finger dirt bike at my favorite store, the $1 tree, some candy, a dirt bike shirt, and some legos.
Olivia got some new sandals, and a couple of outfits from Target I got on clearance. After they finished opening their gifts, we had a really fancy Whataburger dinner, then we had our Friday night slumber party in our room.
In my opinion this was the perfect Valentines Day.

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