Saturday night in Shreveport

Saturday afternoon Ryan, and I headed out to Shreveport for a little night away.
On our way out there Ryan surprised me with a new ipad mini.
We had to make a pit stop at a job Ryan had to measure. It's fun when I get to go to jobs with him. When we were dating he used to let me tag along all the time! Our drive down there was pretty eventful. We were driving through an old town, and saw a car run into the back of a trailer while it was driving down the road, then the car cut in front of three cars, and took off some side streets. I'm guessing that guy didn't have insurance.
The reason we go to Shreveport isn't to gamble, but to go eat at Ralph & Kacoos. It is soooo good. If you're ever driving through Shreveport make sure you stop. It's exit 20B. :) It was an hour and 20 minute wait when we put our name on the list. When you drive out of state to eat dinner you have no choice but to wait it out.
I love their stuffed crab. It is amazing! I was feeling chubby so it made me feel better to get steamed veggies instead of fries. Ha! I don't think the veggies made a difference. When we go to Shreveport we never plan ahead. Last year we went on our anniversary which was also super bowl weekend. Since the super bowl was in NOLA, the casino hotels were booked. We got lucky and got the last room at the Hilton. This time I called ahead, and with it being Vday weekend the casino hotels were once again booked up. I called about 6 hotels before finding one with a room. It wasn't the worst we've stayed in, but it definitely wasn't the best. Let's just say Ryan told me he will be booking the next hotel. Ha.
Sunday we were glad to be heading back home. I felt dirty, and did not sleep well at all. The hotel lady told me the room had two queen beds, but they were full size. I love my husband, but I need more room when I sleep.
We decided to take back roads home to check out some lake properties for this summer. The lakes around here are so low it's looking like if we want to use our boat we're going to have to do some traveling. It was a fun little drive, and didn't seem like it took as long to get home.
We may or may not have been going a little too fast down the back roads. When we got pulled over Ryan couldn't find his insurance card, so the officer told him to keep looking while he ran his license. Ryan finally found it, and went back to give it to the officer. After a while I was wondering what was taking so long, I look back and Ryan is in the state troopers car. Turns out the state trooper is a diesel guy and was in the car talking trucks with Ryan. The state trooper was nice enough to let us off with a warning.

In case you were wondering if our kids missed us while we were gone...
...they didn't.
 Lolly's house is too much fun. They took a nice bubble bath, made bubble beards like daddy's, and Olivia got to experience curlers for the first time. Thanks Lolly & Pops for keeping these two love bugs!


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