Thankful Tuesday

Today I was thankful to get to spend my Tuesday off with my hubby. He needed some new glasses so we met up at LensCrafters to pick some out. 
He picked these out for wake boarding and when he rides his dirt bike. I hope Olivia isn't scared of daddy when she sees him in these. He looks a little creepy. Ha! I didn't take pics of the other two pairs, but they are just black ray bans. After we picked out glasses we had a yummy lunch at pei wei. It was so good, we should eat there more! 
I am also thankful that my big girl had no accidents and went potty at school! I'm a pretty lazy potty trainer. I just wait until my kids pretty much train themselves. I told her last week I wasn't buying her anymore diapers she needed to use the potty. So, she is now using the potty full time! We told her if she went a week using it with no accidents we would buy her a princess dress. She has been talking about it ever since. After my cardio class today I took her to get one, once we got to target she changed her mind and chose a new baby instead. 
My big girl with her new baby. I really need to figure out where to put all these babies. Her closet is getting cluttered!
I can't leave my handsome dude out. Why is he so big? I can't get over it. Hope every one had a great Fat Tuesday. 

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