Mom & me sports mania

A couple weeks ago I took Carson to a mommy & me event at the church. I think this was our third year to go, every year the theme is sports. They put up bounce houses, have a big Lego table, and a craft table. We have a good time when we go.
Although, it's mommy, & me he usually leaves me behind to play with friends in the bounce houses. There were three people from his kindergarten class this year, so I think that made it even more fun for him.
They serve cookies, popcorn, juice, and water. 
As Carson and I were leaving Olivia was just waking up so I ended up dragging her along. She would have been mad if we left her.
Lolly likes meeting us there to hang out, and see Carson play.
It was a fun afternoon thanks lolly for meeting us up there. 

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