Valentines pizza party

Friday Carson had a pizza party in his classroom.
His class saved $78 in their save jar, so Mrs. Scherer wanted to spend it on a pizza party to reward them for their hard work.
I offered to bring a fruit tray to eat with their pizza, and another mom brought a veggie tray.
Since it was valentines day I brought these cupcake wrappers to put their fruit in it to jazz up their plate a little bit. I thought it turned out cute.
 After we ate Mrs. Scherer opened her gifts while us moms picked up lunch.
Then Olivia helped teach the class. We may have a little teacher in the making.
After recess the kids came back in and had a Valentines day party.
The room mom brought some fun activities for the kids. They played candy corn bingo first.
Olivia just ate the candy corns.
Next they made bracelets. They had all sorts of beads, so they could make whatever kind of bracelet their little hearts desired.
I think their favorite craft was decorating cupcakes.
We had spending the day at school with Carson. I know he enjoyed having us there, too!



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