Will you be my valentine?


 Olivia had her class party last Tuesday. I almost forgot to get stuff to send to her class. Monday I found this printable on pinterest. It was super easy, cheap, and turned out cute. 
 Her class doesn't have a party since it's just MDO. I think they just put them in the bags, and have a cookie for snack.
 For Carson's class I also copied someone's cute idea from Pinterest. That's the point of pinterest, right?
 He loves hot wheels, so this was the perfect valentines for him to give out.
 It can be expensive giving 19 kids a real hot wheel. So I went to the $1 tree and found a three pack of knock off hot wheels for $1 each. Score!
I loved how they turned out, and I think his friends loved getting them in their bags.
Printable here.




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