Doctors visit & some shopping

This morning I picked Carson up early from school to take him to the dr. I thought I was just taking him in for allergies, but last minute the dr decided she wanted to do a strep test on him. Unfortunately, it came back positive. 
She said it's possible he could just be a carrier of it, and would test him for it at a well visit to see the results. So, for now we're  on singulair for allergies, and augmentin to fight off the strep, and sinus infection. 
Once we finally got out of the doctors office we went to have lunch at taco bueno. I just love how cheap we can eat here. $3 for two party burritos, a soft taco, and chips & queso! I had a few errands to run while I didn't have miss priss. We went and picked her up a new car seat for her vday gift. 
I've been waiting for babies r us to have their trade in event to get her a new seat at a better price. I got her seat for a whopping $40. I traded in a bouncer to get 25% off then I had $80 in gift cards. I wanted a more girly one, but those were $50 more. No thanks! After that we went and I got more make up. 
I only like Mac foundation. It's light weight, and evens out my skin the best. It lasts me about a year, so I can justify buying it. Finally, we went to target to pick up his meds. Taking a kid to the doctor is expensive. $35 co pay, and $60 in antibiotics. Why did I not go to medical school? 
Target was putting out their spring line. I had to tell myself no to buying Olivia this dress, and a couple of other things. I just love target for little girl clothes. Every now, and then I find cute stuff there for C.  Even though Carson was sick, I so enjoyed spending the day with him.  I really need to be better about having dates with him. 

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