Spring break fun

I'm finally getting around to posting about our spring break. I needed a break from our break. It feels so good to be back into routine.

We started our week by Carson finally meeting baby Nash. I forgot my camera,so I don't have any pics until my sil uploads them. Carson had been asking, and asking to go see him then when we got there he just played with Pearson. Pearson loved the attention, then that afternoon we hit the park. It was the perfect park day. 
Tuesday Ashland came to visit. She is graduating from Texas State in May. We went to downtown McKinney to take some fun senior pics. I think we loved every picture we took!
Wednesday we finally got to sleep in! Carson had gone on an over night work trip so it was just, Ashland, Olivia, and I. We had lunch at Olive Garden then picked my mom, and Parker up to go see rio 2. 
I felt guilty going without C, but we can go again when it comes out. 
After the movie we picked baby Camden up from daycare then my family came over for a yummy ham dinner.
Thursday we got up early again to go take some more senior pics. This time with horses. 
The kids stayed entertained by these two sweet kids. They are a friend of Ashland's little brother. They own the horse we borrowed.
After pictures it was time for some bowling. They look thrilled to be there!
I have to brag that I won the first game. Even if it's only by a point, winning is winning!! 
I got C a big dude shirt to match Cams little dude shirt.  These two adore their baby cousin. 
Seeing her with a baby ALMOST makes me want another little baby. ALMOST! 

Friday morning Ashland left then we headed to meet our best friends, Mary, Addyson, and Kason. On our way to meet them my car decided to play tricks on me. 
I had a quarter of a tank of gas when I left the house, I made it a quarter of a mile down the rd and suddenly my car is telling me I'm about to run out. I did what any mom with two kids in the car would do... I made it to the nearest gas station to fill up, then call my husband. He got mad at me for freaking out and kept asking where could the gas I had just suddenly go. Rude! 
Then that night C had baseball practice. I absolutely love his coaches. They are the sweetest most patient people ever.

We had such a busy week, it definitely went by way too fast.  

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