Road trip day 1&2

Last Thursday afternoon we left the house in a huge hurry, got the kids dropped off with Lolly & pops and headed West.  We were supposed to leave Friday morning but Ryan had a job to measure up in Midland, so I packed us in about thirty minutes. Whew! 
We didn't get on the road until about 4. We knew we would hit some traffic trying to get out of Dallas. It really wasn't all that bad until Ft. Worth. We sat on I-20 for an hour due to an over turned car. 
After that it was pretty smooth sailing. We stopped at Whataburger for a quick dinner then headed on to Big Spring. We stopped there for the night because it's a littler cheaper to stay than Midland. We got up about 8 to go to the job site. 
I always like tagging along to jobs with Ryan. 
This was pretty much our view for the next 8 hours. I thought from midland we would have like a 4 hour drive to Red River. Ha! So wrong!! 
We finally passed through a big town. I was kind of excited to go through Roswell. It's such a silly town & I had never been there before. 
Ryan wasn't interested in stopping at the museum so I just took a pic. 
There was these little alien things all over town. It would be so weird to live there & see these daily. 
We continued driving and saw lots of this and about a million tumbleweeds. I was getting sooooo bored. And all Ryan would listen to was outlaw country on XM. We went about 250 miles without passing a town or gas station. I got so nervous when I heard the gas light ding. We were low On fuel without a town or sign in sight. We were coasting down big hills to save fuel and then we see a state trooper. Awesome! He was so kind to turn around, catch up and pull us over. I tried to take a picture of us pulled over but Ryan yanked my phone away and told me to be still. Rude. We were only going 10 over which I find very reasonable. I drive 8-10 over pretty much everywhere. The trooper didn't care we were about to run out of gas and gave us a ticket anyway. A couple more miles down the road there was finally a station. Hallelujah!!! We had about 5 miles to E. 
Finally I was seeing mountains in the distance. We were close!!! 
Seriously!!! Are we there yet!??

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