Friday Favorites

It's FriYAY! I'm linking up with Andrea again for Friday favorites.

I took the kids to build a bear this morning. They had been begging to go. I don't like stuffed animals, however, I gave in anyway. You're only a kid once, right?
Once they picked out which bear/dog/pony they wanted they got to stuffing.
 We made sure to not stuff them too much. I wanted them to be soft, & squishy.
They picked hearts to put in them. Olivia insisted her pony needed two hearts

 Naming their pony & dog was difficult. I wanted to make sure they gave them a cute name, not something ridiculous. 
 C needed a little help naming his. I asked him what his favorite character's name was on one of his favorites shows. He said it was Leo off Lab Rats, so that's what he named his dog, Leo.
 Olivia picked Brie. 
 They had a good time at build a bear, and can't wait to go back. On our way out they sang happy birthday to them. 

After build a bear we went to Taco Bueno for lunch. You can't feel guilty eating out when you eat out here, it is so CHEAP! Today is free mexi dip and chips with any purchase. We ordered nachos, and got the mexi dip free. It could have been cheaper, but nachos is what C wanted.
Leo was hungry, too.

I'm working on Olivia's last details for her party in the morning. I found these free printables online.

I had to go up to Ryan's office to drop something off. I caught Carson's playing in Pops' office. 

That's our FriYAY so far. If you're new thanks for stopping by. Have a fabulous weekend! 
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