Sparkle darling

The beginning of August we celebrated Olivia's fourth birthday. I wanted something easy, so we opted for Chick-fil-a.
I highly recommend doing a birthday party at CFA. Our CFA doesn't let you make reservations, because it's a smaller location. I know other locations will, and they will set it all up for you and bring out the cow.
We did a sparkle theme. I loved the color combos of everything. I wish I could redecorate her room in all of this stuff.

The set up was super easy. I found free printables online for décor, put them in frames that she has in her room.
The only décor I bought were the balloons, and table runner. I had this table cloth, I thought it matched better until I took it out of the package. It was more purply pink.
I also made this cake stand using stove covers, and candle sticks from dollar tree. I spray painted all of it white then glued it together. So easy and turned out pretty cute.

Before her guests came we took a few family photos. Olivia refused to take a normal picture with my mom. She had some silly face in every single one. Typical Olivia.
Obligatory birthday party family photo.
Olivia with her friend Berekely from school.

I had the party at 1030 AM. I thought it worked out pretty well. Bfast rush was ending, and we wrapped it up right as lunch rush was starting. The kids played for a little bit, then I bought the kids lunch. This was a super cheap party, I can't believe I haven't had one here before. I kept it super simple this year and even did Evites. I'm bummed, because I didn't realize my evites didn't go to everyone I thought it did until after the party. So, if you didn't get an invite it was operator error. Sorry friends!
After we ate we sang  happy birthday then did presents. If I ever have a party here again I won't buy cupcakes or a cake. I think everyone just about traded their book for ice cream and didn't care to have cake. Luckily I like cake, and they didn't get wasted. :) Thank you everyone who did get the invitation and were able to make the party. Olivia had a great time celebrating with you.

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