Southbound 35

Last week the kids, my sister, and I loaded up my car and headed South.
Stuck in some good ole Austin traffic. We went to my moms best friends daughters (got that?) :)  graduation at Texas State. We were there last year when she got her Bachelors, this time we were there for her Masters. Ashland is like a sister to us. We have known her since she was 3, and my mom is her god mom.
When we finally made it Ashland was still getting ready to go. We were starving so I of course made her hurry up.

We were supposed to go to Chuys and for some queso and margaritas, but we were a little behind. We went ahead and went most of the way to San Marcos in case of traffic and ate at Trudys. We still got some queso and margaritas. I wasn't going without!
When you're constantly sitting in traffic you take selfies with people who don't know. Hahaha! I love road trips. We sang everything from 2000s pop to King George.
We finally made it to graduation. I took this picture then he was off with Ashlands boyfriend, Nick exploring Texas State's Auditorium. I literally never saw him again until it was over.
Ashland's on the very end looking at us.
I bought a selfie stick for the trip, I felt like it was a must. Ashland's mom is on the end, then her grandma, my sister, and me. Olivia was also off with Nick somewhere and missed out.
After the ceremony we went outside for some pictures. I busted out the big camera for some.
 C got a hold of the selfie stick.
At Texas State it's tradition to jump in the river after you graduate.
So of course she did.
I was about to jump in with them. I was so hot, and thirsty. The river sounded amazing at that time.
It was 10 oclock before we finally made it back to her apartment. We settled on going to Whataburger for dinner in our PJS. I made everyone wait until 11 though so I could get breakfast. #priorities
Saturday we woke up, ate donuts, then headed down to the pool.
 Autumn and I both had to get back home by 6 so our Saturday was cut a little short. We had a good time nonetheless.
Thank you Ashland for inviting us and letting us crash at your place. We had so much fun spending time with you.

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