Life lately

The last few weeks have been a little busy. If you follow on IG you've probably already seen most of these pics. Here's what we've been up to in no certain order. 

Play dates with our BFFS at hfalls. 

Well visits at the doctor
Lunch dates with mom

Being pirates
Road tripping to Austin to visit Ashland. 
Road tripping to Tyler to visit Aunt Katy, and the boys. The kids hid when I said take a picture with me. 
Lots of sonic happy hour slushed
Baking and taking cookies to our neighbors. 
Girl time with Mickey Mouse 
Carson finding out his teacher, and getting his welcome back to school package. 
Rock climbing at the gym. 
Sleep overs with friends. 
Lazy Friday nights with the bearded man. 
Wearing shoes that too small with running shorts, and cute tank. You're only 4 once. :)
Lots of working out
Fish tail braids
Swimming with friends.
And finally tons of lake time!

We're finishing up our last week of summer break. It sure is going fast. We are headed to get donuts and go play at the park while it is cool out! Happy Thursday! 

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